“Help People Help Themselves”

Upland Community Resource Center helps Upland, California residents prevent, stabilize, and recover from disruptive family, employment, and housing events.

Who’s an Ambassador?      What are Their Roles?      How are They Trained?

Ambassador Volunteers

Ambassador Volunteers Help Upland Community Members
Prevent, Stabilize, and Recover from Disruptive
Family, Employment and Housing Events

We invite you to learn more by reviewing the information and listening to the Ambassador Volunteer Audio Seminars on this page. After reading and listening, your next step would be to use the “LEARN MORE : TAKE TOUR” button. We look forward to sharing more information and answering your questions.

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“Disruptions can Lead to Homelessness”

Ambassador Volunteers connect people to resources. They help people and families get into a better place – all without any judgment – just simple human kindness.

Loss of Employment
Medical Emergency
Elder Care Issues
Addictive Behavior
Family Separations
Job Relocation
Domestic Abuse
Divorce Relocation
Teen Pregnancy
Mental Illness
Under Employment
Sudden Death
Unforeseen Circumstances
Loss of Housing
Disability Issues
Veterans Affairs
At Risk Youth
Youth in Transition

Pick Your Roles

You chose your Ambassador Volunteer role. You can pick one or more roles from six categories. There are three activities in each category, You can train in more than one category or activity.

Training and Scheduling

Becoming an Ambassador Volunteer isn’t difficult but it does take some time and effort. Training is done in modules. The number depends on your category and specific activity. Ambassadors are scheduled to fit their schedules. Training is delivered via:

  • Zoom Sessions,
  • On-Line Seminars,
  • On-Demand Videos
  • PDF Packets

Ambassador Volunteer Audio Seminars