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Upland Community Resource Center helps Upland, California residents prevent, stabilize, and recover from disruptive family, employment, and housing events.

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Many Upland community members have reached out to ask how they can help the 39 families, over 200 people, displaced by this devastating fire. The City of Upland has partnered with the Upland Community Resource Center as the official aid organization in this relief effort. For any additional information please use the Contact Link at the bottom of this page or email


UPDATE: Upland 7th Street Fire


How You Can Help

As the Upland Community Resource Center (UCRC) assists each household impacted by the Upland 7th Street Fire, we will be providing Gift Cards to help them meet their clothing, food, hygiene, and related needs. This allows each household member the flexibility and self-choice to best serve their situation in a timely manner and within their impacted schedules.

As we assist those who are unable to return to their apartment and are seeking new housing or need assistance regarding their original apartment, we will focus on helping them with their housing needs and the items and services required to support that process.

You can participate in this relief effort by using the “GIVE TO FIRE RELIEF” button above to contribute funds that will be used to purchase Gift Cards from Upland Community Businesses and Organizations whose goods and services match the needs of the household members.

If you are a Community Business or Organization and would like to donate Gift Cards, please contact us via email to make the appropriate arrangements.

Homeless Prevention
Don’t stay in your current situation.

Disruptive events can make life tough.

Challenging life events are never easy to deal with. Without access to simple resources and assistance, you may lose money, opportunities, and relationships.

Upland Community Resource Center gives you access to the free resources you need to get into a better place than you’re in today – all without any judgment – just simple human kindness.

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Upland, California residents should be able to easily access community resources and support.

Upland Community Resource Center makes it easy to get the resources you need to get back on your feet.

Basic Needs

A lack of food, housing, or income quickly results in more serious issues. You don’t need to go hungry, and you don’t need to be homeless.

Unexpected Life Events

The truth is, it only takes one or two big things to throw our lives out of balance. The good news is there is hope, and there are people who care.

Other Issues

There are a number of issues that can result in need. We are all in need at some point or another and Upland Community Resource Center can help.

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Upland Community Resource Center helps people prevent, stabilize, and recover from disruptive family, employment, and housing events.

If you’re in need, reach out. Our staff is friendly, non-judgmental, and their only goal is to get you in a better situation than you’re currently in.

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About UCRC

Once you reach out and get help, things will begin to turn around for the better.

  • Only Get Advice You Ask For

  • Get Actual Helpful Resources

  • Get Immediate Help for Immediate Needs
  • Get Long-Term Assistance When Needed

  • No Judgment at All, Ever

What kind of disruptive events can Upland Community Resource Center help with?

  • Loss of Employment
  • Medical Emergency

  • Elder Care Issues

  • Addictive Behavior

  • Family Separations

  • Job Relocation

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Divorce Relocation

  • Teen Pregnancy

  • Mental Illness

  • Under Employment

  • Sudden Death

  • Unforeseen Circumstances

  • Loss of Housing

  • Disability Issues

  • Veterans Affairs

  • Isolation

  • At Risk Youth

  • Youth in Transition

  • Abuse

  • Hunger

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Volunteers Needed

We’re looking to grow the amount of volunteers working through Upland Community Resource Center. Do you like helping people? Apply to join Upland Community Resource Center as a volunteer.