About Upland Community Resource Center

We’re volunteers and community members who love Upland and want to help connect residents to existing resources.

The Upland Community Resource Center was founded in 2019
by Life Bible Fellowship Church in collaboration with Catholic Charities
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties. It’s purpose is to provide resources
to help Upland community members prevent, stabilize and recover
from disruptive family, employment, and housing events.

Inform Those Who Need Help

Upland CRC provides information, education and service referrals to all Upland community members interested in family services, employment training and housing assistance.

Connect Them to Resources

Upland CRC affiliates with highly successful resource organizations with years of local community services to effectively serve Upland community members and clients.

Coordinate Their Success

Upland CRC actively reaches out to city departments, business associations, education organizations and residential groups to coordinate resources.

Get Help Now

Upland Community Resource Center Relies on Support from People Like You

We are thankful for all who want to volunteer or donate to Upland Community Resource Center. Your time and money goes to helping connect residents of Upland with resources they need in difficult times.

Ambassadors Help People Help Themselves


Upland Community Resource Center is a ministry of Life Bible Fellowship Church.
Life Bible Fellowship is a 501(c)3 charitable organization